Noodletools is a citation database that helps you build a reference list in APA format. You can create a free personal Noodletools account through Davenport.

On Campus:
When you sign up for Noodletools from on-campus, they know you attend Davenport University. If you are on-campus and signing up for the first time, just visit and click "Create a Personal ID." That's all there is to it.
Off Campus or Returning Users:
When you sign up from off-campus, Noodletools needs to know what school your personal account should be affiliated with. You can do this either by accessing NoodleTools through the DU database page (validation is transparent to you) or by entering the DU login before creating your account. If you use the DU login method, it changes every year, so new or returning users will have to enter this information once a year if you are accessing it from off-campus.
To find the current DU Login:

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